Choosing the Right Realtor

The short term rental home market is a specialist area that demands specialist experience. Most real estate brokers and agents work in the general residential market, and they are not aware of the particular needs of the rental home owner.

These needs include the value of advance rental bookings, the significance of location, furniture and furnishings to the property's value, and the importance of effective communication and support to buyers who are not 'local'. You need someone who:

  • Will ensure that your interests will be fully represented at every stage.

  • Understands the special requirements of the short term rental market.

  • Appreciates that non-resident and overseas buyers need to be kept more fully informed.

  • Can be trusted to respond reliably and rapidly to email and phone calls.

In particular, if you are a buyer, make sure that you choose a buyer's agent who can explain to you exactly what makes a good short term rental home.

You need someone who will make sure you buy on the right community, that you select a home that has the features that attract rentals at good rates, and that is most likely to prove to be a successful investment.

Our background is in short term rentals. The owners of Easy Choice and Front line Florida realty have been the owners of an STR home for many years, and Easy Choice Property Management and Vacation Homes have rented to hundreds of thousands of travellers to Orlando, Florida from all over the world. Simply put we know the location, we know the requirements of the travellers and we know what makes a great vacation home become a successful investment for our home owners.

Our Real Estate professionals are hard working and professional, you can contact us directly at any time if you need more information or explanations. done. Our offices are centrally located with easy access to all communities in the Disney Area.

Our friendly and professional team will be happy to arrange viewings at your convenience. There will be times where you can stay at one of our vacation rental homes and have the cost re-imbursed to you at closing. This way you can experience the fun of Florida, experience the service offered from Easy Choice Property Management and stay for free while looking for that ideal Vacation Home.

Most important of all - make sure that your REALTOR is just that - a member of the National Association of Realtors, and who abides by the NAR's strict Code of Ethics.

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